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Westside Barbell Inner / Outer Thigh 964

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WSBB---3221c-300wThe inner /outer thigh features adjustable starting positions for the thigh pad. This adjustability allows for multiple starting points for both inner thigh and outer thigh. Combine this adjustability with an adjustable back pad and the self adjusting thigh pads and you have a piece designed to fit all sizes for an effective workout. This piece comes equipped with a 100 enclosed weight stack and instructional placard.

Shipping Weight: 460lbs. Measurements: (LxWxH):50"X60"X74"

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David Hoff

Strongest Powerlifter Of All Time 3005 lbs Total
david hoff

"Westside Barbell hands down is the Mecca of strength. That's right strength not just powerlifting. Louie Simmons has created the perfect atmosphere to build champions. The perfect atmosphere combined with the perfect training system has moved me to be the worlds best. I owe Westside Barbell and Louie Simmons a debt of gratitude because if it not for them I wouldn't be the athlete I am today. THE HYPE IS REAL!"

Laura Phelps Sweatt

laura I've spent the past 9 years competing in Powerlifting, and in those 9 years, I've set All-Time World Records 42 times in Competition, all using the Westside Conjugate System. Louie has had a tremendous impact on my Powerlifting Career and Life. His guidance and influence on my training has pushed me to understand what I need as an athlete. And his system has kept me healthy and constantly progressing, still breaking Records to this day. I'm forever grateful to Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell for this incredible experience.

Professor Carlos Carvalho

Carlos Picture "After so many years training, competing, teaching, I always knew that I was missing something to make myself and my game complete, and one of those things was the right physical training. At Westside Barbell I not only became stronger, but faster and more resistant, the 3 major things a fighter should have lots of. They customized the training according to my needs and prepared me for the BJJ European Championship, and that for sure make a big difference to win the title of 2013. Their system is the best training for any grappler or fighter that i have ever seen!"



Black Belt Carlson Gracie Team
2013 European champion GI/ NOGI heavy weight IBJJF
ADCC USA Executive Director

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Matt "The Immortal" Brown

Matt Brown

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