Camouflage T-shirt

    Camouflage T-shirt

    $ 24.00 $ 30.00

    This is a t-shirt design that was requested by our numerous Military visitors and followers. 

    Its simple design is built to be Westside Tough so it will last through the toughest of workouts no matter where in the world you might be. 

     All clothing items are Hand Folded or Rolled at Westside Barbell™. 

    Westside Barbell™ Fact

    'The Westside Barbell™ Dog Logo is based on Louie Simmons™ dog Nitro. Who lived and died at Westside Barbell. Nitro was always waiting on Louie and Westside Crew to come train at gym and was a very important member of Westside. In Nitro's honor Louie designed the world famous Westside Barbell Dog Logo based on his dogs image so that every time you wear our t-shirt in and out gym you are bringing Nitro with you to the place he loved'