Special Preparation for Sprinters

    Special Preparation for Sprinters

    $ 20.00

    For many years, Louie has spoken and authored at length about the importance of absolute strength and special exercises when it comes to sprint production. At long last, the methods by which Louie has trained track athletes is available as a downloadable seminar.

    Be a fly on the wall as Louie goes through raw workouts with a 100m specialist, explaining the methods along the way! 

    In this DVD, you can expect to see:

    • Special training preparation for sprinters
    • Max Effort work specific to sprinters
    • Dynamic Effort work specific to sprinters
    • Special exercises for the glutes and hamstrings
    • Overspeed treadmill work, the how and why
    • Tred Sled work, the how and why
    • Louie's opinions on which exercises translate, and which do not


  • Format: MP4
  • Requirements: Wifi is required for it to download
  • Suggestion: Download to your computer first before downloading to your phone.
  • Run Time: 1 Hour 15min
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