Men's Apparel (40)

WSBB Mens Bateman Full Zip Hooded Fleece

$ 70.00$ 80.00

WSBB One & Done - Iconic Louie & Nitro Blue T-shirt

$ 40.00$ 55.00

WSBB Mens Forest Camo Hooded Sweatshirt

$ 50.00

WSBB Mens - Nitro 2.0 Lux Sweatpants

$ 35.00$ 65.00

WSBB Mens Classic Gym T-shirt - Olive Drab/Black

$ 15.00$ 30.00

WSBB Mens Blue Nitro logo T-shirt

$ 30.00

WSBB Mens Blue Air Hooded Sweatshirt

$ 45.00

WSBB Mens Flannel Shirt

$ 60.00

Westside Red Flannel

$ 60.00

From the gym to everyday life, WSBB™ Mens Clothing hangs a cut above the rest for any occasion. Here you’ll find powerlifting clothing and gear from the original house of pain, all targeted to make your workout notches above the rest. When it comes to serious training, the last thing a competitor wants is their gear to fail them. In the world of competitive athletics, gym life as well as a bars’ knurling can be aggressive on the clothing chosen to rough this world.

With this in mind, we at Westside HQ are constantly acquiring and adapting the best materials for men’s clothing across the board. These light yet durable materials start with our most popular shirt to date, the Original Nitro Gym T. This t-shirt is ordained with the original drawing of Nitro, and has been worn by old school lifters like Chuck Vogelpohl, George Halbert, and Kenny Patterson in addition to the new blood carrying the torch onward. Along with premium tank tops with the iconic emblem double printed on the front for a ‘no-cracking’ portrait and flexible shorts, any lifter is prepped for warm weather training. 

Additionally, as Westside hails from the north, Louie felt it essential to outfit the lifters here with cold gear from Nitro Hoodies and sweatpants to ensure those who choose to activate pre-lift are mobile and warm, no matter the gym’s temperature. Whether simple colors, combinations, or camouflage, we are continually evolving to suit all needs both in and outside of the weight room. We strive to provide weightlifting clothes which can be effectively used time and time again for iron sports ranging from olympic lifting to bodybuilding. Our apparel is gym tested and approved by the most hardcore blue collar minded individuals on the on the planet, Westside Barbell athletes.