Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate
Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate
Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate

Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate

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The knowledge you will acquire from this course will give you a solid base of information to progress into our program to obtain a Special Strengths Certificate. If you own or operate a gym, this knowledge is also a stepping-stone for your gym to become a Westside Barbell Certified Gym.

I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that will earn you the Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate. This will ensure your own personal success in achieving optimal results from strength training, as well as the success of those athletes and lifters who may rely upon you for guidance in their training programs.

I look forward to your success in obtaining this certification and, hopefully, in the immediate future, continuing to provide you with more in-depth knowledge for additional Westside Barbell certification.




Exam Format = An online open-book exam that can be done within your own home. The exam consists of up to 45 questions that need to be answered with at least 80% correct answers for you to pass the exam.

Exam Time limit = 120 minutes

From the date of purchase, you will have 12 months to take the exam. Exam extensions are available at no extra charge. Correction time = 1 to 4 weeks.

Digital Certificate available to successful candidates.

Exam link and further test information is sent 48 hours after purchase by our certificate education team.

Exam Options

1- Exam Only

This is where you are paying to take the exam and have access to our education administration team to help answer any questions you may have. It will be up to the candidate to obtain/purchase all the required study material.

2- Exam plus All Study Material

This option has all the study material required to take the exam. It includes exam entry and access to our education administration team to help answer any questions you may have.

Material Included

  • Westside Barbell Book Of Methods
  • Squat And Deadlift Manual
  • Bench Press Manual
  • Explosive Power Training DVD
  • General Physical Preparedness DVD
  • Squat Workout DVD
  • Deadlift Secrets DVD
  • Reaction Method DVD
  • Special Strengths DVD
  • Bench Press Work Out DVD



“If you run with the lame you will develop a limp.”

- Louie Simmons

Learn From Louie

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jesus Garcia
Great Learning experience

The material that I learned in the course was great into really bringing full circle the method. It also developed a level of programing more effectively. I love that all the videos where digital downloads, making it possible to watch anywhere not worrying about putting in a DVD. The only down fall was the Certificate at the end, not really an official looking document, but still proof of passing. Defiantly looking forward to starting the next WestSide Certification on Special Strengths.

James Robertson
Missing dvd

I still haven’t got a response to why my order shipped without the dvds it says it comes with.

anja baracskai
Partially disappointed.

First the content of the material is great. The knowledge you get from this certificate is absolutely worth it. There were some contradictory statements in the Study Material (the correct percentage for the load on dynamic days for example) but in general they were very good. If you want to boost your understanding of the Westside Methods and want them implement them in your training, you can't go wrong. My problem is that as a certified personal Trainer, i want to document when i acquire new knowledge. The certification that you get after the successful exam is very disappointing. It looks like made by a 5-year-old with Windows Paint. It has no official look at all. As a trainer who needs to prove his qualifications or want to use this certificate as a document to show that he can call his gym a Westside Certified Gym (as advertised) this simply isn't enough. I don't understand why you get a real certification with the special Strength course but only this absolutely bland looking simplistic piece. You can't use this in applications or if you hang this out in your gym people would just laugh. Even if Westside don't want to give out a Hard copy, there should be a decent looking official digital certificate. So my resume is if you want this certificate for yourself to boost your knowledge about Westside go for it. If you want it as a trainer as a additional qualification or prove your gym is Westside certified, it's a very mixed bag.