WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual
WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual

WSBB Books - Bench Press Manual

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Over 70 pages on the most effective training methods and how to execute them. It covers all aspects of bench press training.

You will read about:

  • Sample workouts for each day
  • Bench press Technique
  • How to master a bench shirt
  • Training raw bench

This book contains all one needs to break your bench record. From how to cycle speed days to max effort days 72 hours later. There are many methods proven and tried from special exercises to how to use a bench shirt. Does it work? Westside has 5 different men with world record benches, 33 men that bench over 700lbs, 11 men that bench over 800lbs, 3 that bench over 900lbs, and 1 over 1000lbs.

-Louie Simmons

This book was printed in the U.S.A.



  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 71
  • Weight: 0.26lbs
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy, Great for beginners who are trying to understand the bench press.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Michael McGowan
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Great book, answers lots of questions.
I learned a lot. Thanks to Westside

james goode

No problems with the service. Thought the manual would have ben bigger than it was. Copyright is 2009 so this material is 12 years old. I wasn't familiar with the section talking about the Japanese powerlifters. The only Japanese powerlifter of any note that I know of is HIdeaki Inaba, multiple world champion. That section on Techniques could be a lot more comprehensive. I was looking for instructions from correct hand placement at the beginning through racking it at the end- lats, shoulder blades, drive, etc. Because it is 12 years old there was no mention of use of the Slingshot.

Brandon Frazee

Great learning material in these books! It’s awesome to learn from the master of powerlifting!